Known for his Big Air prowess on skis - winning the 2022 Beijing Olympic Gold in that discipline - Birk Ruud is one of the finest competition skiers in the world. With two X Games Big Air Golds and a Crystal Globe, Birk is no stranger to podium glory.

Birk is well known for his abilities on a snowboard as well as the two planks, having posted clips of himself mirroring ski tricks on the sideways plank. Recently at the Swatch Nines Birk strapped into his board yet again to attempt one of his gnarlier feats on a snowboard. The Swatch Nines is known for providing athletes with the set-ups they require to land the most progressive tricks after hard-fought competition and filming seasons. The Nines is a respite from the madness of these schedules, offering a relaxed atmosphere that fosters a session vibe and insane new tricks.

Birk Ruud decided this was the year he would mirror a staple of his trick bag on skis, the double cork 1440. The side-by-side clip below is awesome and truly shows off this 23-year-old Norwegian skill and air awareness.