Received a lot of flak for my Old Man’s slide report. Darwin awards abound, with accusations of suicidal tendencies. I can only reply by saying that this area is a place that I know better than anyone of my detractors and to judge me without knowing my experience is shortsighted. The ski cut was purposeful and had the intended effect, as it had before. That being said I removed the post due to the chance that someone would take this as advice as something to do and realized it promoted bad protocol in a time of high danger. It is not something that I have repeated and took the results seriously. I apologize for that, but not for my run. We have been saying nothing but don’t go and we actually called high danger when the CIAC said considerable. Please read all our updates and not judge the site by one report. I took the criticism seriously and adjusted our game. Trying to take the higher ground on the personal attacks but this is my honest answer to those. Anytime anyone would like to discuss those in person, please let me know, I’d be happy to oblige. Be safe out there, going up to check out the activity and report. Thanks for the support from all of the others who see what were trying to do.