To say it's been a busy summer is a huge understatement. Lets rewind back to April. After Nine Knights, I took some time off to stay with my fiancee and future in-laws in New York, ejoying the city and doing some work for my now father in-law. Late May I headed back west to finish off filming with Nimbus in Oregon, but soon returning to New York to prepare for the July wedding. July 3rd, married Alexandra, the love of my life. The following few months were pretty packed; honeymoon in Barbados, reception in Utah, photoshoot in LA, triathlon in Idaho, family trip to Costa Rica, photoshoot in Montreal, six state NW roadtrip and now I've got a week back home before we head off on another roadtrip.Content on the blog has definitely seen a huge decline, but I'm going to be turning that around here in the coming weeks. I have a ton of photo, video and stories from the previous trips, so expect some of that to be regurgitated. But for now I just wanted to give a little explanation. So thanks if you're still around and for you visiual fiends here's two photos I took at Crater Lake last week. Thanks and enjoy.