were 4 guys that went up to Jotunheimen to ski. When we approached

Sognefjellshytta, we were greeted by a spectacular sight with

Fanaråkbreen and Steindalsnosi covered with fine snow. So we parked

near the dam at Hervavatnet, and walked from there. From the dam we were able to skin all the way up.

We used about 2 hours to get to the top. After sliding acros a steep and icy portion, we got to ski in a thin layer of powder:)

The way down was surprisingly easy considering it was the season's first trip.

The day ended in Vågå in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen with reindeer stew and ski movies on the big

screen. We all agreed that this was a perfect start to the season:)

Has posted a little clip from the trip on Youtube, so check it out: