Words by Erica Aarons

Until recently, when we wanted to watch the latest ski flicks, we to load up a car full of friends and find the nearest premiere. Then, if we were lucky, it may be one of the few available at our local shop on DVD. Eventually, movies became downloadable on iTunes, and are now often released for free online.

However, there’s something about the camaraderie that comes from watching a ski movie on the big screen with your closest friends that can’t be replicated. Premieres are some of my fondest memories from growing up in a small yet thriving ski community and continue to be something I look forward to year after year. The present is no different– there’s no other way we’d rather get stoked for the upcoming season than a fresh batch of ski movies.

This year, 686 has created yet another movie, which is a pretty rare feat for an independent outerwear company. OVERTURE is a collaborative effort from the 686 team and tons of filmers from around the world. Featuring the talents of Parker White, Duncan Adams, Laurent De Martin, and more.

Sounds pretty bitchin, right? Well, if you want to get your eyes on this bad Larry, then you’ll have to catch it at a premiere because they have no intent on ever releasing it online, for sale, on DVD, VHS or any other way you could consume it.

The thirty-minute film takes the 686 crew– a fusion of skiers and snowboarders– down big faces, through pillow fields, off backcountry booters, and to the streets. I haven’t seen a film that so effortlessly blends the two sports in a single production for a long time. There are no trip reports nor constant B-Roll, but instead, the film highlights the strengths of each of the riders, who together make up the 686 family.

OVERTURE will leave you inspired to take your tricks to the backcountry, the streets, and anywhere else you find yourself while on snow. We hope you’ll round up a crew to host a premiere, and together get inspired for a new season of progression.

To find out where you can see it near you, follow @686 on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled. If you just can’t stand the thought that you may miss it, then hit up your local shop, bar or venue and ask them to reach out to 686 to host a premiere.