You’ve probably heard of Bravo’s new reality television series Aprés Ski and that professional skier Lynsey Dyer has been cast in the show (READ: Reality TV Series Aprés Ski Premieres November 2nd). The concept of the show seems pretty straight forward — contestants are responsible for working for a start up VIP concierge service, Gibbons Life. But I don’t think that Dyer joined the show to have her reputation doused by the public and ski community — and here’s why.

Lynsey Dyer photo.

First of all I’d like to address reality television. I’ve never seen the ever popular ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ or ‘Jersey Shore’, but I have watched Survivor and The Bachelor/ette. And I like to think that I know how reality TV works. Reality tv takes normal people, puts them in a contained environment, and creates ‘drama’ out of thin air. I mean do we really expect Bravo to accurately portray their characters?

The show was filmed for a few months last winter in Whistler, B.C. and was announced to the public earlier this fall. I don’t know why Lynsey went on the show, but I do know she’s not still living in an ‘Aprés Ski’ mindset. Dyer co-founded SheJumps in 2007 to help introduce more girls to skiing in action sports. She produced ‘Pretty Faces’, an all female ski film, which was released last fall, and lately it looks like she’s been back on the same mission: Inspiring girls to get outside.

The show airs next week and from there we’ll be able to tell what it’s really all about and what kind of impact it may have on the ski industry. As for Lynsey, she’s not some fancy Hollywood star, she’s simply one of us. She’s a skier, and at the end of the day that’s what we should see her as.