ONE MILLION NEW REASONS TO VISIT MOUNTAIN HIGH  Wrightwood CA - October 24, 2007- Mountain High now has a million new reasons to visit the resort.  Increased snowmaking, a remodeled base lodge, and the expanded tubing area are just a few of the investments enticing guests this season.  Other improvements include new terrain features, expanded teaching facilities and more than $150,000 in new rental equipment.  All in all Mountain High committed more than a million dollars to guest-related improvements this year, and online chatters can’t wait to sample the goods.  Resort operators can’t wait either, so fingers are crossed for an early season in the Southwest.  As of mid October it has already snowed twice, and the Wrightwood Resort is ready to begin making snow as soon as conditions permit. Says John McColly, Director of Marketing, “The West Resort is our main area, and guests won’t believe the changes.  New retail shop.  New flooring.  New bathrooms.  There is even a new VIP Room with furry walls and free Playstation 3.  Guests may enjoy themselves so much they miss everything that has happened out on the hill.  Well, maybe not.” With more than $400,000 invested, Mountain High’s snowmaking system headlines their list of improvements.  Existing air/water guns were modified to increase efficiency and now account for energy savings up to 800 Kilowatts per hour.   A new water pump was installed that increases the snowmaking capacity at the West Resort by 1,000 gallons per minute.  And another fully-automatic Super Polecat tower fan gun was purchased to increase coverage in the West base area.  These guns are able to make the maximum amount of snow possible by instantly adjusting to changes in temperature and humidity.  At times automatic guns have proven to be 30% more productive than their manual counterparts.   Other snowmaking improvements include the replacement of 30 old hydrants and the installation of new particulate filters on generators and diesel powered air compressors.  The result:  85% less emissions annually.   Says Ken Showalter, Snowmaking Manager, “Going green is important to us at Mountain High and we are working hard to make sure our snowmaking system runs as cleanly and efficiently as possible.” This is terrific, especially for members of the Faultline Terrain Crew.  They have dozens of new jibs to unveil and need all the snow Ken can produce to make them shine.  These include a rainbow-shaped C-Box, a reversible quarter pipe, and the custom Cronk Rail.  Designed by Justin Montoya and pro-rider, Cory Cronk, the Cronk Rail is 30 feet long, 12 feet wide and features a single bar on one side, a down ledge box on the other, and a wide lexan slide covering faux stairs in the middle.  Note this is an advanced jib designed for experienced riders only, but Faultline has numerous beginner and intermediate features just waiting for guests to try.  Mountain High also purchased a brand new Prinoth Bison snowcat to help produce the best snow features possible.  Moving rails, sculpting jumps, and grooming the park will be no problem with this piece of heavy machinery, and the Bison can’t be beat when it comes to professional slope maintenance in variable conditions. Back in the base area, construction crews finished their two-year renovation of the West base lodge.  Outside, the building has a new look, new signage, and a collection of new, nature-inspired artwork that spans 120 feet across and 40 feet high.  These snippets of scenery will bring guests closer to the environment and expose them to highlights found in the Angeles National Forest.  Inside there are new restrooms, an enlarged retail shop, improved dining area, and even a VIP room with benches, a giant flat-screen TV, and free Playstation 3. Says Ramon Baguio, Mountain Experience Coordinator, “Our main goal this summer was to significantly improve the atmosphere in our base facilities.  I am confident that our customers will be pleased with the changes.” Across from the base lodge are the new Repair Shop and remodeled Rental Shop.  The Repair shop is filled with state-of-the-art tuning equipment and knowledgeable staff who guarantee skis and snowboards will perform to the highest standards.  In the Rental Shop managers boast $130,000 worth of new snowboards from Burton and $50,000 worth of new skis from Rossignol. This equipment is available to everyone including students of the Children’s Academy who will also be enjoying a new hospitality center and remodeled learning facility.  The hospitality center will serve as a gathering place for participants and includes indoor and outdoor seating, storage areas for equipment and a hydration station.  Parents can watch their children from the center or head up to the Bullwheel Bar & Grill where they can also get a warm drink and a delicious bite to eat.   Children who aren’t quite ready for skis or snowboards will love Mountain High’s new tubing park.  More than $140,000 was spent in just this one area to ensure guests of all ages have a terrific time.  Improvements include six new lanes, a second 450 foot moving carpet and $7,000 worth of new tubes.  Season Pass holders will also get one free 2-hour tubing session per day when they show their season pass.  Offer valid for the pass holder only. Mountain High is committed to providing its guests with the very best experience and managers are looking forward to showing them what is new.  For questions and interviews regarding Mountain High contact John McColly, Director of Marketing, at (760) 316-7830 or