of course in typical NS fashion, we’ve waited until Waaaaaaaay too late to

announce the sickest thing ever to happen. 


right folks, it is time for the OFFICIAL east-coast gathering of the members of

Newschoolers.com! (March 28-30, 2008)


of you have probably heard about the weekend with 382, with March Meyhem and

Battle my crew going down. Well we

decided to tag along with the event and get all you bastards together! So this time I don’t want to hear any

excuses because I’ve checked the geo map reports of our traffic and I KNOW that

a bunch of you live in that area. 


worry if you’re not going to compete, neither am I! Hell just come out and take this

opportunity to get together with fellow NSers… we can have a grand old



the weekend is going to be filled with Meyhem, including the OFFICIAL 29th

birthday party for Doug Bishop. That’s

right… the loon mountain people were crazy enough to give us their resort bar

to do whatever we want with on Saturday. We’re going to be showing a bunch of ski videos, rocking some Guitar

hero, and for the older cats we’ll be busting out the Karaoke all night

long. For those of you who don’t know,

I’m quite the karaoke rockstar. Lol…


after March Meyhem, we’re going to be doing the first hostile takeover of the

year and throwing out $1,000 in cash for whatever reason we damn well

please. I’ve got the megaphone charged

up and ready to roll so you bet your balls I’m stoked to do this shit. 


stop making excuses, and get yourself together and get out to Loon Mountain!!


Schedule (check http://www.threeightwo.com for

more details)

Friday: Check into hotel, do whatever. (maybe that’s just me)


Daytime: AM – March Meyhem

After – BBQ and session the park for $$


THEN: Doug

Bishop’s official 29th birthday party!


29, 2008


Room, Loon Mtn.




– 9 PM We saw your skills on the slope, now lets see how you handle –

Guitar Hero


– 12:30 PM We turn the party over to the 21+ crowd, with everyone’s

favorite “KARAOKE”


awarded to the best of the best… guitar hero, karaoke, dressed, mtn spirit, and

other crazy antics!

Sunday: Battle My Crew. Oh, if you're looking for a hotel, check out the following:  Woodward’s Resort in North Lincoln has extended

a discount to 382 participants.  Be sure to mention the event when making the

reservations.  The discount is $70 + tax daily.  Call 603 745-8141 for

more info!   

Just think... you could be on the recieving end of this...