They say style is everything… For 61 year old heritage brand O'Neill, the saying couldn't be more true as they welcome one of the most stylish female skiers in the game, Maude Raymond (aka. Maad Maude). Not only will Maude represent O'Neill on and off the slopes, she will also be heavily involved in the development of her new jacket and mitts which will be first featured at SIA 2015 and eventually available for purchase in the Winter 2015/16 season. "We are stoked to have Maude on the team" says Jimmy Adams from Marketing. "Maude is 'Maad' stylish, has a contagious personality and a great knowledge of what the female ski community really want in their products". O'Neill will also be supporting Maude's latest video production 'Maad Maude' as it continues to pick up steam.