Turns out Nathan Boyer-Rechlin’s original entry wasn’t enough to win so he decided to up the ante on the creativity side. “If my original didn’t convince you that I deserve Full Tilts, this is a link to my recording of a moving Beatles Song (with some changes in lyrics), which explains my hardship of Living Without Full Tilts musically.”

Without due, we give you Nathan Boyer-Rechlin!

Here’s his original entry, which gives a little insight into this young deserving kid:

I?m an average 18 year old wanna be ski bum?this is my story. I?ve been boot hopping since the age of 5(the age I started skiing) Over the past 5 years, I?ve devoted nearly all my money to anything skiing related?including countless pairs of used boots. Now, more than ever, I need good boots. I?ve worn about 5 pairs of used boots over the past 3 years. Only recently was I able to graduate from my old 10$ rear entry boots. However my 4-buckle boots haven?t been much better. Over the past few years I?ve endured purple, frozen toes after only 3 hours of skiing in badly fitting, no-soled boots. I had a year where my boot cut off my circulation by cutting into my leg every time I flexed. I?ve also struggled with being an expert skier, skiing in a beginner flex?I stuffed superfeet in the back of my boot that year. I?ve consistently struggled from uncomfortable, bad flexing boots as I pursue my passion. Full Tilt could remedy all these problems. For a year I?ve been unsuccessfully trying to save money (nearly impossible in College) for a pair?help out a fellow ski bum!

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