This season, a woman sued a Northeast hill for having a exceptionally fast chair. This double chair was said to be intimidating to beginners and grandmas. What made the lift so scary was the mountain ops guys turned the lift up from .5 to .75 mph which resulted in incredible speeds. They thought no one would notice, because they were increasing the speed in small increments, but somehow the people that had 20/40 vision would notice a quarter of a mile an hour change in speed.

They prefer these style lifts

The changes were a part of the mountain’s plan to increase flow of lift lines so people could spend more time skiing than waiting in line. This has been a long time problem for this mountain, and they even tried increasing lift ticket prices to drive some customers away. But alas, it backfired, and it somehow seemed to attract more customers than before. Most of the new customers were rich people vacationing in multi-million dollar ski houses and driving Tesla's to the mountain. They all of course had to post about their annual ski trip.

Let’s get down to business, for comparison, average high speed quads go 1.5 mph which is double that of the sued chairlift. They are a game changer for people who are equated to regular lifts common at smaller mountains. For those that have to deal with it we have learned to adapt by scrolling the gram, playing a game of chess, reading a book, waxing skis, eating dinner and getting high all in one ride up. When we go to a mountain that has a high speed quad its eye opening and you can get more laps in but the mountains that have high speed quads are generally way bigger so it evens out with grandma lifts.

The mom that is pressing charges is Boston's Karen La-Clare. She wants to sue for two million, which ironically is how much the mountain profits every year while paying its employees 2 dollars an hour. When we brought this up the mountain claimed that the profits actually go to better the mountains amenities aka their pockets. The gm has stated in an official press release that if the pressed charges go through they could be facing a buyout from Vail. Which if it goes through will mean updates to lifts which will be the total opposite goal of the lawsuit. This means two things, once the lawsuits over there will either be a Newschoolers thread or a butt hurt Karen both of which mean absolutely nothing but will cause meaningless khaos.