Construction on North Slope is in its final stages as jumps and features are getting set into place. The first two tables will have 3 hits like last year (small, medium, and large). This will follow into a choice of a triple barrel bonk on the far left, down box in the middle, and up down box on the right. The following sections also has three options: on the far left after the bonk is an up rail to flat to down rail, in the middle is the flat to down box that was in the early season setup, and far right is a short flat box. This all leads into the new and improved wallride at the end. But go ahead and check out the pics for yourself, everything should be open by Saturday, enjoy!

Hard to see but first hits

View from top of second hit onto rail section

Front view of bonk

Side view (nice kick up to it)

Up down box

Side view

Down box

Up to flat to down

Up section


Down section

Flat to down and short flat box in the back

Wall ride

Improved angle at the top

Look back up

C-box in the makings