Q&A with Nordica Team and Content Manager Evan Williams

Why Nordica?

We have quality products with a rad team. We have a really cool history/heritage. Been around since 1939. It’s really cool to be a part of company like Nordica. My first boots were Nordicas!

If you had to pick one product/set up to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Soul Rider ski and Ace boot for sure. The Soul rider is one of the most versatile skis ever. It performs well just about anywhere you take it. Pow, hardpack, and park. I can say with confidence that it’s the most fun ski ever.

The Ace boot is just damn confortable.

What new tech has got you most excited this year?

We completely redesigned the OMW ski this year. We got the entire team together and came up with exact specs we wanted and turned it into a reality. It was really fun developing a ski with all the guys who actually ride it everyday. Gotta do it right!

It’s a bit wider than the old OMW (89 underfoot now) and it comes in a 181. A lot of people asked for the 181 last year. You asked, we delivered.

To what do you attribute the resurgence of Nordica in the freeski scene over the past couple seasons?

100% because of the team. I couldn’t be more stoked on the group of guys we have right now. Everyone is super good friends with each other so obviously is always really fun and easy to work with everyone. We have been focusing on putting out the most quality content possible. Last season was awesome. Im planning on continuing the Nordica edits this season for sure. Be on the look out over the next few weeks for some fresh Nordica edits!

When are we going to see a Nordica team movie?

Haha, a bunch of people have asked me about that. I could definitely see that happening down the road. I think it would be cool to put out a company branded movie like you would see in skateboarding. Like Girl/Chocolate put out “Pretty Sweet”, Emerica’s “Stay Gold”. They are some of my favorite movies ever strictly because of the team chemistry that shows through in those movies. Doing something like that would be sick. For now I just plan on putting out edits throughout the season.

How do you choose your team? What role do your athletes play in the overall operation of Nordica? (Marketing, research and development etc.) How important are they to your company’s success?

The team was chosen last year strictly upon the impact I have seen these guys making over the past few years through edits/content. I’m on NS pretty much everyday so always take note on who is popping up all the time with cool content.

A handful of the guys on the team I have actually grown up skiing with. Dale and Ian have been good friends of mine since we were really young so its been really cool having them on the team.

We constantly go to the team for ideas for pretty much anything you can think of. Pretty much everything you see in the Nordica line has athlete influence. Graphics, ski construction, videos, photos… the list goes on.

What role did NS play in building your company?

A big role. One of my main focuses last season while we were “rebranding” Nordica so-to-speak, was posting videos of the team. Newschoolers is probably the best place go get your videos out there. NS has been pivotal in our efforts to get our new brand image out there. Thanks NS!


Here's the sneak peek at Nordica's 2014-2015 product line:

From left to right:

Badmind: 163, 170, 177 | 120-84-109 @ 170

OMW: 160, 167, 174, 181 | 117-89-111 @ 174

The Ace: 170, 177, 184 | 113-86-113 @ 177

Soul Rider: 169, 177, 185 | 134-97-124 @ 177

La Nina (Womens): 161, 169, 177, 185 | 143-113-132 @ 169

El Capo: 169, 177, 185, 193 | 137-107-125 @ 177

Patron: 177, 185, 193 | 143-113-133 @ 185

Helldorado: 177, 185, 193 | 143-113-132 @ 185

Ace 3 Star


Ace 2 Star

The Ace

The Ace 1 Star

Patron Pro


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