Taking a cue from the hallowed grounds of Star Search and American Idol, Nordica is democratizing itÂ’s now-famous ski-girl poster series by letting the public vote on who should grace next yearÂ’s poster, which will appear in the October 2003 of Freeskier magazine.

Two years ago Nordica and Freeskier created waves in the ski world when the venerable Italian company ran in our October 2001 issue a fold-out poster of a sultry-looking Kristi Leskinen standing in a pool hall. The poster found its way onto the walls of ski shops and ski-bum-house bathrooms everywhere. Which is where it stayed, until the Britney-Spears-theme poster of Kristi appeared in FreeskierÂ’s October Â’02 mag.

But next year, thereÂ’s a shake-up in the theme. Nordica is scouring ski towns for next yearÂ’s poster girls, and any girl with ski skills and an outgoing personality could score the honor.

Prospective pin-up girls should e-mail a bio (including your ski experience) and photos to Nordica and Freeskier staffers will cull the field to a small group of semi-finalists. Then, Nordica will host parties at Stratton (Feb. 5) and Squaw (Feb. 10), where emcee Brad Holmes and five judges will narrow the field to six finalists. Wishing for world peace or displaying your fifth-grade tap dance routine wonÂ’t get you anywhere; being a beautiful, ripping skier will.

Photos and bios of all poster-girl finalists will then appear on, and readers, web surfers, skiers and anyone else who stumbles across the site can vote one lucky skier into national prominence.

And just to keep things interesting, no one but Nordica, Freeskier and the winner will know whoÂ’s on next yearÂ’s poster until our October issue hits the newsstands in early fall.

So get on over to to vote for your favorite finalists, and donÂ’t let your subscription lapse. You donÂ’t want to be the only guy without a poster...