After dating for three months, 26 year old Michael Davidson thought it was finally time to share his lifelong passion for skiing with his girlfriend Rachel Maguire. Much to the surprise of everyone in the couple’s social circle, Maguire actually enjoyed the ski day, despite the constant barrage of advice and howling winds. “Even though I was constantly falling, and Michael wouldn’t shut up trying to get me to ‘french fry’ instead of ‘pizza,’ I had a great time,” the 27 year old Maguire recounted. “I’m glad he taught me, I didn’t even think about breaking up with him once,” she continued.

Davidson decided not to heed the advice of those friends who advised against the trip. Friend Troy Harris explained, “you don’t just take a new girlfriend skiing and have a good time, it just doesn’t work like that.” Despite the odds, the tears and the yelling, however, the couple’s relationship has only strengthened with the experience. Opting not to spend the money to have trained professional instructors Davidson thought his years of skiing would be plenty good enough to teach his budding lover. Despite "freezing her ass off," and "the stupid ways he kept yelling 'french fry! french fry!'" Michael's teaching was a great bonding experience.

“He never shuts up about skiing, sometimes I feel like he spends more time with his skis than me,” Maguire laments, “I was getting pretty sick of it, but now I’m looking forward to our next ski trip.” Rachel hopes to receive a gift of ski gear this upcoming holiday season, and looks forward to skiing with Michael all winter long.