Click Me A Little Something.

It has been a rather weird time here in Utah. By weird I mean the sudden onslaught of spring like weather. The temperatures the past couple days have reminded us of how indifferent winter can be. Just last week we had great storm system move in and like famous chef Emeril says “BAM” and it heats up to 60 degrees in the late afternoon. The crappy part about the weather right now is that pretty much all bordering states have been experiencing similar like patterns. After a couple days of riding the resort it was time to go try and shoot something. Friend and photographer Erik Hostetler had a pretty cool feature he found while on a nature hike in the Cottonwoods. We got together and made a trek into the woods to the spot and once we arrived I was a little skeptical about it. It was an ollie over an old rusted water mill with an obnoxiously uphill landing. Feeling a little uneasy and battling a flu bug, I decided to give it a shot. It ended up to be pretty fun for what it was and hopefully a photo or 2 came out.

Strapped in and wearing some sweet new gear.