Words by Stefan Weitnauer

Photos by Christoph Schoech

In the evening the last shafts of sunlight graze the distinctive lines of the castle and the initiator of all this, Nico Zacek, who is happy and proud at the same time. During the last two days the international freeski elite proved to the crowed and the media in two sunrise and two sunset sessions how much potential there is at the Nebelhorn, Oberstdorf.

Stef Cande (FRA) one of the Nine Knights photographers says: “With such an amazing obstacle its so much fun to search for more and even better angles to shoot from.”

Nico`s conclusion so far: “During the last two days there was so much adrenalin floating through every participants vines that by now I`m really pleased about the so far process of Nine Knights presented by Almdudler. I`m really looking forward for the contest on Saturday. This is when we again can finally show all the people live and in colour what the Nebenhorn, my castle, the freeski elite and the worlds top photographers, have to offer.

You definetly don’t want to miss this!

Nine Knights - The day 1 & 2 session from Nico Zacek on Vimeo.