Skiers the world over have been throwing gang signs and generally trying to look as thug as possible for the best part of a decade now. But squeaky clean slopestyle posterboy Nick Goepper has one upped his peers once again and was charged with criminal mischief on Friday after he vandalized multiple vehicles in Indiana causing $8,243.76 (to the exact cent!?) worth of damage.

Goepper himself came forward to admit to the charges, which might hurt his new found street cred slightly but he did successfully escape custody on the night of the crimes which has to count for something. Police spotted a blue Chevrolet truck in a driveway on Alpine Drive with a man dressed in all black standing nearby. The deputy in question said the man, later identified as Goepper, then ran into the woods nearby, leading to a chase. Despite attempts to stop him, Goepper continued to run and escaped custody.

On Friday, lawyers brought all the vandalism victims into an office Friday morning without telling them anything. Goepper then arrived, apologized and handed cheques to each of them, covering the entire cost of the damage.

"If Nick Goepper had not cooperated, these victims would not have been made whole and the crime would be unsolved," Nick's attorney said. "The fact that he came forward speaks to the tremendous character of Nick Goepper and his family."

We're unsure at this moment if Goepper will be running another I want to date Nick competition but if so, girls, here's your bad boy!