We've heard you...

Newschoolers is dead. Newschoolers is stupid. Newschoolers news sucks. Newschoolers videos suck. Newschoolers staff sucks. Newschoolers not having an app sucks. Everything about Newschoolers sucks... but one thing sucks more than anything else... the Search Bar.

The two things that have stuck out over the years in all the countless forum threads I've read is that Newschoolers search is shit, and that Newschoolers needs an app.

Well, I'm proud to announce to the public finally that we have finished what we have been secretly been working on for years. Something which I think is going to completely blow your mind... The reason that Newschoolers has been rotting in a hellhole of technological shit for half a decade is that we have had our eyes on one single prize:

Skiing's Search app.

Since we have invested so much of our time and effort in this, sadly we will be deleting the website as of April 30, 2017.

Good news is, all of the historical information will be archived within our new search engine alongside every bit of skiing information across the internet you could ever possibly want. Your member profiles might be lost, but lets face it - they sucked anyway. This is literally everything you could ever even imagine wanting to know about skiing, all inside of one searchbar app.

If you're interested in signing up for the beta version of the best thing on the internet - jump over to this form and reserve your invite today.

Trust me, this will be a new era for Newschoolers - and something that will skyrocket our brand into the history books as the best search engine skiing can ever imagine.