TL,DR: COME PARTY AT 8pm Friday, Feb. 7th at the Grand Hall @ East Village Copper Mountain, Colorado

Newschoolers is just a year shy of being able to legally drink. So fittingly, we’re going to, you know, drink to celebrate. Drink a lot. This season is Newschoolers’ 20th anniversary season and while we have a couple of things we’re stoked on coming soon to celebrate that fact, but we felt it was high time to draw attention to this milestone.

Not many things in the ‘newschool skiing’ world (that’s what they used to call freeskiing don’tcha know) can claim to have been around for that long, and we’re very proud to be one of them. As the starting point for many professional ski careers, and the birthplace of many ski companies, Newschoolers is still the place where many reputations are made… and broken. Whether you love us or hate us, you’ll struggle to find anyone in the freeski industry whose journey hasn’t taken them through at some point.

We’ll be celebrating making it through two decades of life with a 20th-anniversary awards ceremony and blowout party presented by Toyota. The whole shebang will go down at Dew Tour, which will be held at Copper Mountain for the first time this year. While most of the awards will be contemporary, we’ll also be taking a look back through our storied history and recognizing some of the key individuals who brought both ourselves, and skiing as a whole, to where we are today.

As our members, you make us what we are, so it’s only fitting that you’re all invited to join us after the Dew Tour Team Challenge (because you know that’s the best bit of Dew to watch) on Friday 7th February at the Grand Hall @ East Village Copper Mountain for a massive celebration of all things skiing. We hope to see you there, even if we can’t promise anyone will remember anything come Saturday morning.