After another trip around the sun, we're stoked to bring you Newschoolers' top rated & viewed videos of 2016. Featuring multiple offerings by Liberty Skis and Simple, as well as multiple appearances by 2016 SuperUnknown winner Keegan Kilbride, sit down and revisit some of the smoothest offerings of last year.

Ahmet Dadali - Book of Times

Movie from this past season broken down trip by trip chapter by chapter. Another one for the books! Big thanks for all the support.


Jens the ski an editorial master puts together his part in full. Enjoy.

Nicky Keefer - Keef dot.

Bitch don't kill my vibe.

Liberty Skis - Max Moffat

Max Moffatt spent two days filming at Winsport in Calgary Alberta. We hope you enjoy the video.

Sammy Carlson - To Be

An offering from the one and only Sammy Carlson featuring deep pow

Inflik - Whis Spring 2k16

Straight Killah no Fillah

Keegan Kilbride - Diplomatic

Little bit of park skiing from random days at Key. Thanks for watchin

Keeshlife - The Movie

This is the first ever Keeshlife movie. Filmed mostly in the cold streets of Finland with a little flavor from Ruka backcountry and the epic atmosphere of Riksgransen. We went out there with our handycams and whatever cameras we were able to get our hands into and filmed each others like a bunch of friends do. Only plan was to make a movie out of it. That went on for over 60 days last winter.

SIMPLE. Bulletproof

Had a one day window of good weather in whistler and we made the most of it. Use headphones and enjoy.

BE Inspired

BE Inspired is a 2 year project by professional skiers Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut and movie director Eric Iberg. Follow Phil and Henrik as the bring you through many elements of freestyle skiing accompanied with an exclusive soundtrack mixing hip hop and reggae.

Post your favorites below in the comments!