This summer, Newschoolers teamed up with Transworld Snowboarding and Snow Park Technologies to rank and catalog the best terrain parks across North America. SPT sent out their team to conduct an analysis of the number and variety of features at terrain parks across North America. Meanwhile, we at Newschoolers set up a user poll to find out from the most opinionated park skiers on the planet (i.e. you guys) which parks skiers were most stoked on. Then we combined the results of both surveys to form the final rankings. We’re stoked to finally(!) have the results for you, so without further ado, we give you the Top 10 Parks in North America.

1. Mammoth

A standout in the park scene since parks began, Mammoth takes this year’s big win. Home to some of the greatest parks, and thus park edits for the last decade including multiple BE Shows, Montage Inc, Big Picture and many many more. The park continued in the spotlight this fall with the release of Move 2 and plays a starring role in BE Inspired, which releases exclusively here on NS on November 1st.

2. Keystone

The early season training ground of pretty much every slopestyle skier out there, Keystone is this years runner up. Home of what many call the best jump line on the planet in the form of the renowned Area 51 terrain park, if you’re a lover of jumps, this is the place to be. There are plenty of options for everyone else too.

3. Bear

With two resorts in the top 3 and 4 in the top 10, it seems like California is the place to be for park riders. Bear is a jibbers paradise, home of arguably the most unique and creative park on the planet.

4. Whistler

Not content with some of the best terrain in North America, Whistler also creates not one, but two of the best parks each year to keep skiers happy when the snowgods aren’t forthcoming. Those parks have spawned legends like Sean Pettit and bring a constant supply of talent to the game with Jake Carney a recent export.

5. Northstar

Northstar has always been known as a place with a fun park to shred. It doesn't have the biggest features but there are tons of creative features all over the mountain. The weather is always warm and the parks are always fresh. Sounds like a perfect combo to us.

6. Copper

Described by many as the most underrated park in Summit County, Copper often gets overlooked but it consistently puts out a world class park every year. It's also the home of early season pipe, many a grand prix pipe event and don't forget Woodward Copper.

7. Seven Springs

Seven Springs has some of the best park builders on the planet. As a result the crew goes to Snowboard Super Park every spring to help build the features there. That level of skill results in a fantastic park, which scored extremely highly on user ratings and the dedicated area full of street features sets Seven Springs apart from the norm.

8. Park City

One of the resorts always known for a good park, Park City has multiple parks with an array of features and is probably one of the most popular places to make a park edit. With a high speed triple, 3 Kings, giving access to three park runs off the top of the lift, there are endless possibilities. Park city attracts pros of all kinds in the winter, with a variety of park features and a full superpipe.

9. Snowmass

Snowmass has never ending runs of jumps and rails. It has been staple in park skiing for over a decade, dating all the way back to the original ATA days. It's now the home stomping ground of Torin Yater-Wallace, Aiden Sheehan and Vital Films.

10. Sierra-at-Tahoe

Something of a surprise entry on this years list, Sierra is great place for sunny park laps, including an endlessly fun slushy pipe. Jason Arens told us that 'The Alley' has one of his all time favorite jumps and that's noteworthy praise for us.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Park Poll this year! Check back with us next week for the Top 5 East Coast and the Top 5 Midwest.