First things first, we wanted to say how stoked we are to have been able to put on this contest this season. A huge shoutout to Auclair for making it possible. We're hoping the Newschoolers Open is something we can grow year on year because there is no doubt there needs to be another route to prize money outside of the traditional contest scene (shoutout Steel City Showdown going off this weekend too, along with some others).

We asked to see your 5 best tricks from the season and you did not disappoint. The votes are now in and our judges, including X Games and Olympic medalists, as well a street skiing bosses, Kim Lamarre @gUrLsKiEr and Alex Beaulieau-Marchand @abmskier have had their say. It was a tough decision at the top, with some insane entries from Tucker Fitzsimmons, Camden Williams, Elena Gaskell and more. But ultimately, the $2k cash prizes for top spot go to:


Megan Oldham:



Jackson Karsteter