Newschoolers has gender problems. We know this, the site jokes that its userbase is full of 12 year old boys, with the rare pink name thrown in. Threads frequently pop up asking why some women use a blue name, why is park a boy’s club, women’s skiing is boring, and my favorite, why can’t men post in Lady Gabber. Women endure harassment and if they make it and decided to stick around it feels almost like a club. Lots of women’s content is seen as “mediocre” when a man’s video wouldn’t be, any progression is challenged and seen as years behind. This isn’t to say the site hasn’t become more accepting, it’s just to point out how hostile NS has and continues to be towards women. Let’s begin.

It Starts With Harassment

There is absolutely no way to make it on this site without suffering and being bullied. Harassment happens all over, maybe it’s a thread calling out OP and another person in the comments, but women on this site experience it to a different magnitude. Again, not to downplay the bullying that does occur, it’s just that pink names tend to take the brute of it. Sometimes it’s ribbing, other times it’s full-out doxing and downright unacceptable. If you’re reading this, you know it and have likely been a part of improving the site. I’m not saying we make it all flowers and sunshine, Newschoolers is so much better than it was 10 years ago, but with the levels of bullying ad harassment attracting women to the site isn’t really going to happen.

Followed by Male Judgment

With comments such as “not as good as a man’s, no real progression, only getting views because you’re a girl” it’s no wonder why women are hesitant to post on this site. The ladies ski video section is outdated and ancient, not that you’d want to use the pink name tag on because that draws attention to yourself. The #NSpinknames tag on Instagram is full of the same few women, I’ve stopped using hashtags after getting unwanted comments. Women’s skiing is skiing. If you don’t want to watch it don’t, but stop complaining that it’s being forced down your throat. Progression is happening, and women just want to be able to show that they ski, this sport is not exclusive to men and men alone. You are free to critique and judge their skiing but if it’s based on their gender that’s when problems emerge. It’s not shoving it down one's throat as NS seems to make it out to be, it’s women producing content.

Women Owe You Nothing

I made like two points, I get it. Let’s start talking about how we can improve this site so it feels approachable to any gender. That said, women owe you nothing. We do not need to prove we throw down to belong, nor feel embarrassed if we’re just learning. We can dress how we want, ski how we want, and should not be asked to prove it just to talk on a subject. NS seems to feel that a woman needs to prove her worth before she can comment or be taken seriously. Even if it’s a simple technique question women are berated, asking if they can actually do that. Fuck off Brad, it’s a question that wouldn’t receive this response if a man asked. This site needs to have this discussion, it comes up in threads every year and it is disgusting to see how little we’re thought of in the community.


I’m not sure what NS can or should do, Twig, I am so sorry for dumping this thought stream rather than the bullet list I had typed up for you. I can give my input as a female, but I’ve been here for 10 years. I’m not coming at this from an uneducated green name approach. I was harassed, my nudes were posted, I literally had to move due to a man staking me from NS. And the harassment I received was pretty normal, lots of women have dealt with guys that just don’t get it. Things got better as a purple name, and have stopped now that I’m a green name. I’m not sure my experience on this site is equal to others.

It’s not just an issue on Newschoolers, it’s industry wide. I was the first woman in the back of my local ski shop, it took nearly 50 years of a business being around before a woman was seen as competent enough to work with equipment. Women buy equipment, consume media, ski at resorts (and tour!) yet they are still underrepresented and when they express interest are shut down. Maybe you disagree, that’s cool. It’s happening and will continue to. Maybe you think I need to grow thicker skin for taking the time to type this out: I did not spend 10 years earning this reputation for nothing, I think I’m in the position to call out whomever—challenge this piece if you’d like. I love this community, I’ve made some incredible friends on it and have had awesome opportunities but man, I’m tired of having to be the token girl and getting shit for it. It’s not an every man issue, it’s the select few that curated a culture of exclusion and misogyny. Newschoolers can and should do better.