Words: Bob Lilly

Pics: Bob Lilly and Corey Lilly

Finishing up stop #7 of the tour in Canaan Valley, WV the crew immediately hits the road for a 4.5 hour drive north to Brandywine Ski Area in Ohio to catch some night skiing. Contrary to what some may believe, in between each day of skiing the tour is all business traveling through the night from one tour stop to the next small ski hill. While most pros in the scene are out filming for thier next segment in a private park shoot or gearing up for X-Games or planning their next heli trip to Alaska, Andy's driving around the country to some more than obscure ski spots teaching wizad tricks and making sure you go home with a full stomach of pie. Reminiscent of a similar tour that started over 20 years ago when ski legend Glen Plake hit the road on The Down Home Tour, Andy leads his crew of hippy killers through the country spreading the stoke. As Van Bear Pig rolls into the parking lot its raining and the joint is packed like a mad house! Not to mention that tonight is Tinder night. Nonetheless the crew is stoked to checkout a new park as everyone throws on their boots and heads straight over to the park. From the first ride up its easy to see that the local scene is alive as the park is packed and kids ski down in waves through the various rail lines while others train the jump line. After a quick night session, Andy, Ross Imburgia, Cole Drexler, Charlie Dayton, Tall Tee Dan, Corey Lilly and myself check in to our hotel and call it a night - Except for Ross, he slept in the van.

Andy breaking down the days game plan

Andy rallying the troops at the top of the park

The next morning the crew rolls back over to the ski hill in the rain. In typical TAFT fashion Andy heads straight for the park while a crew of locals gather at the top to check it out. With everyone eager to start a day of skiing, everyone waits at the top for Andy to go. You would think everyone was getting ready to witness some crazy ass double flip or a 4 on pretzel 4 off but instead, in true Andy Parry fashion, everyone takes note as Andy nonchalantly goes into a ski slide to front swap to an early firecracker out. Just the type of tricks you would expect from Andy Parry. It doesn't take long and a massive train of 20 to 30 some skiers ensues.

The Wizard master with a classic ski slide

Line skier Ross Imburgia bringing heat with a switch backie

Line skier Cole Drexler airing out

Line skier Charlie Dayton only needs one leg of swag

skier trash Bob Lilly with a ski slide

Andy getting the first box session of the day going

After a few laps with the crew, Andy tells everyone to meet down at the flat box for the days first jam session. Standard protocol on the Tell A Friend Tour and followed up with Andy telling everyone that whoever lands the first hippy killer wins a prize. With one of the best turnouts of the tour thus far, up to 40 some skiers gather around the box eager to see more wizard tricks go down and for a chance to win some swag. As Andy gives everyone the breakdown, he yells "Hippy Killer. Classic wizard trick. Perhaps one of the first wizard tricks, I don't know, it was thousands of years ago, I don't remember." Followed by lots of wrecks, Andy shouts out the next trick - ski slide to 360 out. With no successful stomps yet Andy throws another trick out on the table. This time a 450 on or off.

An Ohio local on his way to killing a hippy

Another Ohio local preparing to kill the hippy

First and only dick squeeze of the day

After the kids got warmed up and tricks started to get stomped, the locals started hotdoggin' hard with the first and only dick-squeeze of the day stomped. First try. Followed up by another kids front flip attempts of the rails jump ramp. With everyone now jamming and goofing off it was clear that, like the rest of the Tell A Friend Tour stops, the day's vibe was all about everyone hanging out together and having fun. Even if it was in the rain.

An Ohio local going for the front flip off the jump ramp

Andy chucking swag as Charlie Dayton runs for cover. Shit got dangerous

After the box session, everyone began migrating over to the rope tow park. With the gang still stoked, numerous mini jams took place on the various boxes and rails. Some as small as a ski length but it didn't even matter as everyone was fired up to get weird. Soon after, the smell of pizza began hovering and everyone knew it was time to chow and hopefully snag more swag. As Andy and the rest of the Line skis crew handed out raffle tickets, asking TC trivia questions while chomping down on the slices, it was obvious that the Tell A Friend Tour vibe had spread throughout Brandywine's parks. Once the pizza and swag had vanished everyone set their sights on selfies and autographs with the crew. Another successful tour stop down. On to Minnesota!

The Pizza didn't stand a chance

Andy on the mic, hooking up the locals


Line skier Cole Drexler signing swag

Andy doesn't sign autographs, he signs cat tees

The Boston Mills / Brandywine crew reppin' the TAFT hard. Can you find Andy?

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