The Newschoolers Awards are back for 2022... albeit they taking place late in 2021. We'll be recognizing the best skiing of the 2021 calendar year with a blowout party at Copper Mountain's Grand Hall. There'll be free drinks, food and the best skiers in the world will be there too, so if you cam make it, be sure to join us in person for the show... and check out the Dew Tour which will be going down in the daytime while you're there!


When? December 17th, 2021 at 7pm MST

Where? Copper Grand Hall, just above JJ's Tavern

Want to attend? Reserve your free entry and RSVP HERE


The Newschoolers Awards are brought to you by Toyota, Woodward Copper, Bulleit, Smirnoff, Don Julio and Gilson Skis.

These awards recognize the best skiers and productions in Newschool skiing. Our pro awards, which were judged by Will Wesson, LJ Strenio, Katrina Siegfried, Xavier Mayrand, and Twig, representing NS go to the best of the best. Even selecting these nominees was a multi-hour conversation (after watching 40+ hours of ski content), so a huge thanks to our judging team by the way.

We will also be awarding our Newschoolers Member of the Year during the show and adding a legend of the sport to our Hall of Fame. And then there's the unveiling of the Trick Of The Year, as chosen by the NS community. The whole thing will be presented by Level 1's Conor Smith, who killed it at last year's show, despite the technical issues with the streaming platform.


Judged awards:

Newschoolers Skier of the Year, Presented by Toyota:

Presented to the outstanding male and female skiers of the year, the Newschoolers Skier of the Year awards recognize those who have made the biggest impact on the ski scene. From the streets to contests to backcountry stunts, the winners are those who crushed it all-round in 2021.

Male Nominees:

Alex Hackel @imhackel

Markus Eder @MarkusEder

Alex Hall @AlexHall

Sam Kuch @Kuch

Magnus Graner @graner


Female Nominees:

Coline Ballet-Baz @colineballetbaz

Taylor Lundquist @taylorgang@

Bella Bacon

Sarah Hoefflin @hoffalish

Eileen Gu


Comp MVP

Love them or hate them, competitions are a huge part of the freeski world. We watch and cover all the major freeski events, and there are some guys out there who make the whole process more enjoyable, courtesy of unique style or interesting trick selection. We wanted to recognize the fact that even though they don’t always come out on top of the podium, their skiing is often the most inspiring to us and our audience.


Ferdinand Dahl

Marin Hamill

Max Moffatt @MaxMoffatt

Noah Bowman @NoahBowman

Edouard Therriault


Crew of the Year

One of the most important parts of skiing is getting our there with your friends. Crews have always been the backbone of the freeski content industry and the Newschoolers community. This award goes to the crew that has had the most impressive 2021, judged by their media output, edits, social media presence and just how plain old stoked they got us.


Buldoz @buldozgang

Most Gutter

Child Labor @ChildLabor

The Bunch @TheBunch



Outstanding Video Project of the Year - Sponsored By Arsenic Anywhere

We believe that ski films are the heart and soul of the freeski scene, so this award could be argued to be the most significant of all. It was a particularly crazy year for the ski movie this year, likely because the pandemic shut down resorts and contests the world over. And so everyone made a ski movie. I'd go out on a limb and say it was the best year for street skiing... ever. Combine that to the multi-year projects that dropped and you have the recipe for a very difficult judging conversation.


Love You Too - @TheBunch

Most Gutter - @strictly

Forrmula - Forre

Zootspace - Zootspace @zootspace

Is There Time For Matching Socks - @TheBunch


Best Short Video of the Year

Short ski videos have been the blood pumping through the veins of Newschoolers since we added the video section waaay back. For the NS awards, cuts under 10 minutes (not including credits) were eligible for the Best Short Video. We variously call them edits, shorts, short films, and more, and it’s hard to know where exactly to draw the line between the three. But whatever you call them, we couldn’t have an awards show without recognizing their huge role in skiing and the life of this site.


Here Goes - Sam Kuch @Kuch

20/21 Street Part - Siver Voll @Siver_Voll

The Ultimate Run - Markus Eder

Land Of The Darker Sun - Joona Kangas @keeshjoona

Security Notice - Alex Hall @AlexHall


Breakthrough Skier Of The Year

We reinistated this award this year because there were so many relatively new skiers to the scene who made a huge impact in 2021. This one is all about the transition from unknown to household name, be it via social media, a movie part or a dominant comp season. In other works, who made the biggest splash.


Bella Bacon

Joona Sipola

Yohan Lovey

Harald Hellstrom

Tucker Fitzsimmons @tfitz


Trick of the Year

Trick of the Year is nigh on impossible to judge. There is so much out there and so difficult to objectively compare so we're turning this one over to you guys: Here are the nominees, VOTE HERE:



Magnus Graner - Tips under 270 to backslide

Alex Hackel - Switch hangdrag 7 pretzel

Alex Hall - Dub 10 pretz 180

Kryptoskier - Transfer of death

Markus Eder - Switch misty 9

Joona Sipola - Down C Down

LJ Strenio - Cork 180 redirect

Maino Ormio - Nosebutter surf

Andy Parry - Bench walk - Note: Andy has requested this trick not be considered for Best Trick so votes will not be counted.

Hugo Burvall - Switch lip 2, pretz 3 swap to switch