Serving the United States and Taiwan recently served successively updated to version 3.2, and this year's carnival will be snow on August 21 held at the site WOW.COM abroad through a number of sources that the carnival will be published in a number of sources, including World of Warcraft power leveling the information on the new film "disaster" of many of the details.      

After multi-speculated that following the news more or less proved to be true: "World of Warcraft: The disaster" will be the addition of two optional race, are: the tribe to join the "werewolf" to join the Union, "Goblin." 

Death Knight in more than half a year after it, everyone is more or less some complaints about this career, and continued through the DK version is also slightly in some occupational balance, if after adding these two career WoW power leveling there will be more worthwhile things to Mining player, and I am sure we all like these two mysterious race, and now the two things mysterious race is uncertain, let us wait and see!

Serve the influx of people of Taiwan, due to an excessive number, resulting in server card, etc. Lag phenomenon, part of Taiwan to open the server service has been the creation of the new role of functional and 16:00 today, the opening function of the creation account, at the same time serving Taiwan the initial value will control the number of ways to avoid the queue conditions, expected 1000 group will be open daily value of the initial quota for players wishing to enter the game to use. The future situation will be in accordance with the server, the role of the functional innovation of the open and closed, this will continue to update the list.To want quick access to reference games.