Alright. Fist thing's first. I am sorry! I dropped the ball, and I dropped it HARD! I apologize for not putting out the news articles that I told everybody I would be putting out in the past. I won't make excuses, I just thought it was time to put up something that said so. Now, onto more important things.I have been thinking about what needs to be done for this cult and it's news section. In the forums, there are how-to's, answers to questions, both unique and general, and photos. However, not much of this is formal, and many of the questions could do with a much more in depth and formal answer. As such, over this summer, I will be doing my best to put up photo tutorials and step-by-steps on how to put things together, how to fasten everything to itself, and all the whatnots and do's and don'ts of the home-built jibbing world. The sport itself is taking off, and as it does, it seems everybody and their mother has their own backyard terrain park. As such, it is important to have a section of this site dedicated to helping those with questions and inspiring those who need ideas. What I have in stock is as follows:1. Photo, and maybe video tutorials.2. More contests with more legit prizes as incentive. I'm going to try and get NS onboard with this idea, maybe they can make the contests bigger with more on-site advertising and cooler prize packages.3. More frequent articles on what's been going on with regards to other peoples' jibs. The more photos of set-ups that go up, the more ideas other people get to create even more creative and unique setups. Then, photos of those set-ups are published, and the cycle continues. It's nothing but good.4. Along with the tutorials, I'm going to post a thread up in the future (and sticky it) with ideas that you want to see. I want to know what everybody else wants tutorials on. I can start with the basics, but it's important that I know what people actually need help on, so that I can try my best to help them with actual problems, not just things that I think people might have problems with.Those are my main ideas right now. Hopefully they can kick things off, and with that, the cult will become much more active on the site. I would even maybe some day picture the cult becoming a branch of the site itself. That's what I'd love to see, and I'll pitch it to the big guns on here in a little while, but we have to get some serious activity going first. I hope this pans out people! It's the dawn of a new era! Let's get it on!Peace & Love,Me & the Build-A-Jib LeadersP.S. I don't have time to read this over, as I'm late for dinner, so if I've made any spelling or grammar mistakes, or it just doesn't make sense, forgive me.