After dealing with the old Seagate 1.5 tb hard drives and their problems I decided to go with some of the very reliable and very fast Western Digital Cavair 1tb “black” hard drives.  The WD1001FALS drive is one of the fastest and has become one of the most reliable 7200 RPM hard drives out in the market, almost as bomber as their server class drives but at consumer level pricing.  Right now they are available for $99 making these a no brainer.  I’m stoked I’m finally replacing my slow old Seagate 1.5 tb drives with these new WesternDigital HD’s.  A fast and reliable hard drive has become more important to me since my entire liveliehood is on these drives.

I already have a RAID 1 system to automatically write data to two hard drives at the same time for an automatic backup which has already saved me a few times with some previous drive failures.  Since then I’d never work without the RAID as it’s saved me from the time in downloading from my web backup or my other backup site.  I’m able to keep working as I just put in a new matching drive and the RAID1 system automatically copies over all the data from the working drive to the new drive.

Now I just have to wait for all the data from the old drives to the new drives so I can get going on retiring my other old 500 gb RAID 1array and get back to work.