For a long time I am attracted by new technologies. The drone is one of them.

I did a few years ago shots with classic drones. The views are interesting. The images we get, if used sparingly, really enrich the movies.

However many have abused this innovation and have tired the public of these images. It's the same with spherical cameras.

With the arrival of shooting with drones racer, a new opportunity has emerged. This is especially true for some sports.

It is for all these reasons that I wanted to make a film with these new images particularly suitable for speedriding, including drone racer filming and spherical camera.

So I implemented this project: a director, three speedriders and a professional pilot drone racer "shooting" to lead to "Limitless".

Speedriding pilots:

Dob Durden

Antoine Pelletier

Matthieu Vigier

Drone Pilot:

Martin Bochatay