Ya I know, heaviest winter, record breaking snowpack, but this spring another record was broken in Utah. It seems the largest Bonneville Cutthroat trout was caught pushing 32 inches. Check out the story here:

31 1/2-inch cutthroat caught at East Canyon Reservoir, yes East Canyon

This was exciting for me because the Bonneville cutthroat is my favorite species of trout, as well as being the state fish of Utah. This fish has almost gone extinct, but in the last few decades has been making a strong comeback to its native ancestral waters. The location where it was caught was unlikely, but it gives hope that other monster cutthroat might be lurking in unlikely places. When I read the story I remembered,"Shit, I like fishing for cutthroat, its spring and that usually means it can be epic, lets go!"

^so I rolled up some of my favorite buggers, and off we went.

^while it wasn't really epic, and I didn't catch a new state record, any day of fishing is a blessing and I was grateful for the little bit of action that I saw.