Have you ever wished you could ride a park like you used to in the 90's? Before your wife and kids got in the way of living life? Well here's your chance!

For the last decade it seemed like the good old days might really be gone forever. The days of shredding with your best friends, wearing some questionably styled ski gear, shredding some gnarly, and probably poorly built features. Somewhere along the way terrain parks took a turn for the worst. People started planning builds in advance, using measurements, math, and even some basic engineering skills. The days of the wild west were coming to an end.

Because who wants to ride this

When you can ride this!

This morning, Shady Grove Ski Area in the Belhurst Mountains unveiled it's plans for a new terrain park concept. The ski area's new "Time Capsule Terrain Park", is causing quite a buzz in the industry. The park has all the elements you fondly remember, perfectly preserved from the glory days of the sport. For those core riders who understand what the sport is really about, this is a gift from god. "We're tired of seeing all these rad parks slowly turning into immaculately built and maintained pieces of art. I just want to blast my favorite pop punk album and send it off sketchy features. Unfortunately they're getting harder to find". The park will be constructed by BLT(Broader Liability Terrain) that are known for delivering some of the highest quality builds in the industry.

Some of the highlights of the park will include

- Jumps that resemble the snowbank in your driveway

- Awesomely crooked rail features with little or no takeoff

- Next level down flat kinks that nobody would ever dream of hitting

- Killer jibs that are taller than your house

- Your best option to find an emphasis on shorter rail sections, that are technically easier, yet gain their element of challenge from poor fabrication and years of being run over and abused by snow cats.

And if that wasn't enough to sell you, a park staff that's too busy getting drunk or high to put much though into the builds or any maintenance!

If you miss the feeling of uncertainty when hitting features, the thrill of survival, and getting dropped to the ground by some of the sketchiest features ever built, this park is sure to please you!

Keep tuning into us here at Shredfest Media to follow the progress of the park, and this trend within the industry.