So today I made a two hour journey to some dude living in more backwoods that I grew up in. He had a pair of Altec Lansing speakers, offered them for $180, and they looked pretty nice. Pretty nice turned out to be a drastic understatement. Holy fuckin asscrackers.

Some bum got in our house and was checking out my system.

This is actually a pretty frightening picture.

The juicy innards of these bad boys.

The sound from these things is incredible. I'm definitely going to be getting some 48's with these in my new house. I believe these things actually retail for around... $1100. Craigslist is quite a deal. Specs:


Woofer: 2x8" woven carbon fiber

Midrange: 2" Polyamide Titanium

Tweeter: 1" Polyamide Titanium



Useable (-10 dB): 26 Hz - 22 kHz

±3dB: 38Hz - 19 kHz

Power Handling: 200 W nominal

Sensitivity: 83



Impedance: 6 ohms

Cabinet Finish: Handmade Walnut Veneer and Cherry Veneer


Size: 41" x 11" x 11"