Camper Joey Golish shows us how to make your coach loose his appatite.

The site's been thrashed for months by our team of technical droids so it should be ok, but we're looking for any excuse to thrash them! So feel free to point out anything that doesn't work on the new camp forums. If they're working of course.

We also have our new blog up and running, and man what a blog it is. The perfect piece of media to keep your head out of your school work or home life and into that happy little cloud that is summer camp. Click in once a week for everything and anything about Camp, the coaches, the pros who ride here and the crazy industry that surounds them.

Also if you haven't heard, Whistler is having another epic start to the new season!  We've received over 350 cm or 138 inches of snow since the season started in mid November. Yeah, which is also why the site is launching a little later than usual! Check out the ghetto phone pic I took from the camp office window yesterday afternooon...

Watching all the snow slide of this roof is suprisingly entertaining... when you're stuck in the office on a pow day.

So it looks like we're on track for another epic season whoch will translate into and even sicker park this summer.

Oh and finally, sign up before Jan 1st and you could win your flight to camp.  The Camp of Champions "Five Fly Free" contest, we're going to be picking up the plane tickets for five lucky campers, from the closest international airport to their house, to Vancouver International Airport. We will pick the five lucky campers from everyone who has signed prior January 1st and they will be flying for free to The Camp of Champions this summer.

So get on your parents on it or throw down the money for the deposit yourself and you could get a free flight to camp!