The Forerunner Quad at Stowe

Words: Erme Catino

The Forerunner Quad, the bane of existence for some ski bums in Stowe, VT is officially getting a send off this spring.  The “quad” over the course of a few years has been typically shut down due to high winds and icing, so naturally the town is buzzing about the new lift potential.

According to Roberty McEleney, CEO and president of Stowe Mountain Resort, the new lift will feature technology that will enable the lift to run easier in icy conditions.  In addition every night the chairs will be detached and the cable will run a slow speed to avoid icing.  Lastly in an effort to combat high wind days the chairs will be heavier, though the line will still have the same number of chairs.

The new lift is a welcomed addition to the Mansfield Base side of the resort though personally I like the wind-hold pow days, at least there is always the gondi to get shut down…

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