The Aerospace may look like any old goggle but they have a trick up their sleeve

When it comes to ski goggles it may seem there are endless possibility's. You can get almost any size and shape with any lens you could possibly want but common factor is they are all made in virtually the same way. In both framed and frame-less designs, a lens in held in front of the eyes and the space behind the lens in sealed by the goggle body and the foam which sits against the face. For most skiing this system works perfectly but there are some situations where it is less then ideal.

By sealing the space behind the lens, if you are working hard and sweating you can find that the lens begins to fog. This happens when there becomes a difference in temperature behind the lens and in front of it. When touring, for example not many people would choose to skin up wearing goggles as you would quickly overheat and the lenses could fog. It's not just in the backcountry that it is an issue. If you are hiking a rail in the park, even on a cool day you can begin to overheat. Most of the time you would simply remove the goggles and maybe switch to sun glasses but what if there was an option to wear your goggles the whole time without overheating. Well thanks to the new Julbo Areospace such a product now exists.

With the lens in the closed position the Aerospace function like any other goggle

The Aerospace uses a whole new design concept when it comes to allowing airflow but the actual system is very simple. Unlike most designs where the lens is attached on all sides the aerospace's lens only attaches to two movable sections of the frame at the left and right side. With these to sections pushed back the lens forms a seal with the frame and the goggle functions like any other goggle. However when you pull the two end sections of the frame forward they move the lens around 5mm away from the frame and allow airflow.

The system is very simple to use and can be done in gloves and mittens. The mechanism is both easy to move and solid when the lens is pulled out. You can easily ski with the lens pulled forward and the mechanism will hold. Getting the lens to push back is very easy and a small click lets you know the lens is seated. There is a small bridge at the top of the frame which prevents snow or rain entering the goggles when the lens is pulled forward.

Pulling the two side sections forward brings the lens about 5mm forward and allows airflow inside the frame

Overall it is a very simple idea. By pulling the lens forward you are able to get good airflow which helps regulate the temperatures really well. Although designed for touring I actually found I was using the lens feature all the time especially in the spring. On warmer days when you get down to the lift it was so nice just to pull the lens forward and get some airflow. Yeah you could just put the goggles up on your head but the heat from your head will often fog the lens. The aerospace system gives a really good option for cooling off while maintaining your lens so you can actually see.

I tried them a few times touring but most of the tours I did were in the spring so to be honest it was still too warm for them. They would be great for mid winter tours were you would want some protection but still need good airflow.

The fit is described as Extra large but I would say they are more a mid to large size. The field of view is excellent but they don't feel large and weighty. They fitted my smaller face well but would suit a more mid to large face. The strap is a fairly regular width and has a couple of lines of rubber to help secure the strap.

There are 7 different color options with the 4 different lenses Julbo offer. I have tried both the Snow Tiger, a darker lens for clear days and the Zebra. The Zebra is a slightly lighter lens and did offer great clarity on lower light days. The lenses have really impressed me and although only having 4 options may seem limited compared to what the competition offer I do think Julbo have got all conditions covered so why offer more if they don't need too.

When I first received the Aerospace, although I thought they were a cool concept I wondered how much I would actually use them. In reality I have found I move the lens all the time. Its so nice to be able to cool off at any point you want. Even if you just stop mid run you can pull the lens forward, get some cool air and ensure the lens will not fog on the rest of the run. I constantly have the lens forward on lifts on warmer days and if I'm ever hiking the park I will just leave the lens forward while skiing. I should note its a little odd skiing with the lens forward at first as things do look a little different but you get used to it although really just ski with it down.

If you overheat regularly skiing or you often struggle with foggy lenses these may be the goggles for you. If you tour regularly and want something that offers more protection then sunglasses these are definitely worth a look. The design is very simple and really does work. Whether you like the style is up to you but in terms of functionality and vision you cant go wrong.

As a special bonus, Julbo have been kind enough to offer a 20% discount for Canadian sales through their site Use promo code NEWSCHOOLERS20. Check them out you wont regret it.

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