So in our area, New England that is, we are a little less fortunate than some other parts of North America when it comes to snow. First of all, it always comes at least a month later than the rest of the coutnry, so when i am browsing newschoolers i ger really jelous and i feel like killing everyone that has snow, but for me it always helps to look on every ski mountain around my area within 3 hours and check up on their snow progress. ALthough many of the mountains it is still nice to see a dusting here and there to show that there is a chance that it will be coming soon, and I love counting down to the days til opening.

Soo..The mountains and their progress:


sorry for no pics...there isnt any up todate pics of the mtn

Sunday River

more snow than most:


also has about 2 feet of snow

Jay Peak:

looks super good but i cant put pictures in here with flash


Then there is

Wildcat (No park but has snow...and I skied there last year on October 30, 2005)

Being right next to Mt. Washington they have the luck to be  getting snow a lot...


althought there is a update on the front page of NS it is still close and worth looking at

Not open yet but there is still rail jams every saturday...but its pouring rain today so if i had to make a guess there isnt one

Pats Peak: (one of the closest mtns to me so i go there all the time and i get a free pass)

Not really what i am lokoing for, but it super fun at night

Crotched Mtn: Dont normally go but now that i have a car i am very willing

No snow but some b-e-a-utiful foliage

Loon Mtn: THey got some snow on the 23rd but if i had to make a guess it is aall gone

not sure if this will work or not:

if no...go to it is super cool

Waterville: didnt go last year cause of no license but now i have a threedom so here i come:

they got a nice dusting...but there is still hoep


I AM READYYY...even know this is a little out of my driving range it would be sick to go...

Mt. Snow



no snow but ya know..i know people that have a condo so i may just head up

Yeah so that is about most of the mountains I can think of at the time...but i am ready and becoming very jelous at Newschoolers kids that already have snow.!!!!