TELUS Park has been a busy place over the holidays.

We got lots of new snow and

it is now time for the park to morph into its January shape.

We have 3 new boxes showing

up this week, a 20 x 2 foot and two 16

x 2 foot boxes. The smaller boxes will go into the small / medium set up to

help the mini shreds and the larger 20 x 2 will be used in an intermediate /

advanced set up.

Having the extra 20 x 2 box

will allow us to keep something for the up and comers and will allow us to

experiment with the other.

The DV8 Wall ride is nearing

completion and should be in the park in about a week. We look forward to

setting that thing up and getting it tweaked for you guys and gals.

We have added a medium jump

lane down the skiers left of the park which is where we will be placing the new

20 x 2 box. 

The large / extra large lane

has two jumps added into the line up and we are working on setting up the 40

flat on a street style down plus getting in the XL Flat down rail on the bottom


We even got some small hits

for the kiddies set up so everyone has something to go off on.

Thanks for the time here are

a few shots of the early season set up.

Keep tuned in for more

updates in the week to come.

Over and Out...