Making its debut this issue of Axis Magazine comes The Best and Worst of Read summaries of discussions that have taken place on NS in recent times with editor's comments and notes. Will you be quoted in Axis?

The return of Axis is upon us, the first issue of the year drops on October 6th. Pep and Tanner have a sick 12-page interview as well as share the cover. Jeff Winterton took a group to explore Newfoundland and found a ghetto full of rails and jibs. There is also the Axis version of a buyers guide. Simply, the eight ski you can?t live without complete with the highest quality action shots, no boring product photography in this mag. On top of all that there is coverage of this years Siver Sessions, 60 Seconds with Anthony Boranowski, Angry Army with Mike Nick and Eight pages of the best gallery in skiing.

If you don?t live near a shop or store that caries Axis tell them to get it on their shelves then go to and find someone who does.