This weekend was good, fun and really Hard. Im currently lying in my bed at my apartment in Oslo. My entire body is so sore you have no idea. I can barely walk, barely bend over, actually every movement I do with my body hurts. I guess that´s what you get from spending the last 7 months on the couch and then jumping in again pretending like your on the top of your game! Either way it was a really informative weekend about my neck. This weekend was the first National gathering ever, we spent our time doing gymnastics, The first day the only thing on my agenda was just to maybe try a backflip or two on the trampoline. I did a couple of them and my neck felt perfect so I couldn´t help my self. I haven´t been upside down in 7 months and with all my buildt up energy, before I knew what was going on I had been jumping around doing flips and dub flips on the trampoline and the tumbling for 5 hours. I got a little worried after the work out, cause my neck got really sore and it kinda hurt to look up and things like that. The day after, day 2. I found out that I wasen´t the only one who had some neckproblems, and after a 40 min warm up my neck was good to go again. The gymnastics we did this weekend felt like it´s harder on your neck than skiing so I guess with a bit more training on my neck I think im good to ski again, and I have to say Im looking forward to it !!!!
Foto: Andreas Storm FauskoHere´s a photo from when I was running over the tumbling and I hear: PK! POSE. My modelinstinct took over and we got a pretty cool bluesteel/edward cullen/twilight kinda shot:) More photo´s and video is comming my way so I´ll be sure to update that as soon as I can!PK