It´s exatcly 20 hours since I left from cold Norway, and home. 8 degrees and pouring rain. No, flushing rain, more like a waterfall. Me, Ida and my family left Norway for the better; Greece and the small island Naxos.

Ida got this cool shot during the 4 hour flight (tight as never before between the seats).

Lucky me getting some sun, and even more lucky; I left in witner-conditions in shorts, and not a jacket as everyone else on the plane.

Ida likes the sun more than anyone else that I know of, should be a good week.

Finally, Naxos village. been here before, and I joined Ida for lunch at this beach-bar outside the appartement we are living in.

First outdoor-bath of the year. Not to early, but very very welcome!

The door straight ahead is the entrance for mine and idas appartement for the week. I can´t say this enough; It´s really needed!

See you!