Ever had a really good and unique idea for a ski video name? Well, now's your big chance! Bubble Down Productions is proud to announce the 'Name our next vid' contest....here's how it works:

Send and email, formatted as follows:

On the SUBJECT line: 'BDP contest' - Your unique idea/name for out 2004 ski video.

In the BODY: supply your name, newschoolers.com handle and your current shipping address where you can recieve a DVD.

Submissions will be sent to: bdpcontest@phreestylez.us

-Only serious entries will be noted. No more than 2 entries per person, PLEASE! It is crucial that the subject line be correct for your entry to count so double check your email before you send it. Names/Ideas can be submitted until Sunday, Oct. 12th. Please watch our trailer for this years movie and visit our site to get an idea of what BDP is looking for. Then, after Sunday, the TOP 5 Names that we select will win FREE NameDroppers DVD's and will be asked to review the movie (with Harvey) here on NS once recieved and watched about a week after the contest is over. Of the 5, the final name selected will be used as the Bubble Down Productions 2003/2004 video name for next fall. [That person will then be notified that their name was the final name chosen]

So that's it, it's that simple and you could be walkin with a free NameDroppers DVD in as little as 7 days! The main thing we are shooting for is to come up with a sick, original name for our next years vid, while involving you guys, the skiing community, and our supporters. AND so people can get a free DVD to review and show everyone how good this years movie is too!

All contest information will be posted again for further inqueries:

-here on NS...

-at the Bubble Down Productions website...

Enjoy the contest and I look forward to seeing all your unique submissions! Thanks for participating and Good Luck!

And Thanks again to Newschoolers.com for backing our contest!

-Now get to submitting!

Kevin Czahor

-Bubble Down Productions