We want to say hello to all this people here in Newschoolers !! Writing here Tomas Popritkin (@popritkinphoto) photographer of all this boys that send it all every days and session we have made

Let give us a little of space here, we are a crew of great skiers from the Patagonia Argentina around Bariloche and Esquel towns mainly. Boys around 18 and 24 years old with a lot of style to share, traveling to U.S.A, Colorado / Utah for long years.

Progress in our parks becomes very difficult we do not have an infractucture like keystone or breck. The resources are less and the resorts prioritize tourism and not freestyle, so with what little we have we do what we can

Nahue Medrano Cork 7 tail, Breckenridge:

Traveling from argentina we have like 20hs flying over countries and airports, Hoping that the United States will let us enter their country to ski their parks and ski resorts. Luckily in Colorado we find our second house, a state where all people treat you well and wish you the best stay. That is why year after year we wait for the moment to travel there and enjoy continuing to progress without stops. Two months of rest and we are already skiing again, almost a year of winter.

Tomi Weiss Flatspine 3 japan, Bariloche:

That is why I am going to create these notes so that you in the rest of the world can see what happens here in Argentina, during the winter that starts in a few days until spring. I hope you enjoy the images that I'm going to upload.

Nahue Medrano bluted, Keystone:

Kiffer Franke jibb, Esquel:

Nahue Medrano, Tailpress, Vail:

Eggi Evans, disaster, Keystone:

Tomi weiss, swang, Vail:

Our names are:

- Tomas Popritkin photographer / https://www.instagram.com/popritkinphoto/

- Nahue Medrano / https://www.instagram.com/nahuemedrano/

- Tomi Weiss / https://www.instagram.com/weisstomi/

- Eggi Evans / https://www.instagram.com/eggievans/

- Kiffer Franke / https://www.instagram.com/kiffer.f/

and more...

You can check some videos down here:




Summarizing, if anyone would like to come to Argentina to ski and enjoy the landscapes of Patagonia you can contact me.

Thanks for reading and until the next note