Two weeks ago, following the success of the NSTV Producer Program over the last year, we opened up two additional spots on the program, which anyone who produces videos (whether they be standalone edits, a series or short films) could apply for.

To our delight, we received a whopping 49 applications, which we then painstakingly narrowed down to two (based on the applicants' number of views and future plans) with the help of some of the current members of the NSTV Producer Program.

So without further ago, here are the two newest members of the NSTV Producer Program, who will join Evan Heath, Zac Moxley, Jeff Wenzel, Evan Williams and 4bi9 Media in getting paid for their videos...

Danny Schwartz of The Hood Crew & Trevor Jansen of Totally Trevor

Congratulations to Danny Schwartz and The Hood Crew and Trevor Jansen of Totally Trevor, and on behalf of everyone at Newschoolers, welcome to the NSTV Producer Program!

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