NS is proud to announce the launch of the latest incarnation of NSTV, our home for live, on-demand and feature content from the top events in the sport and the premiere film companies in skiing. Though this is not our first crack at NSTV, this will be our most ambitious by a long shot.

NSTV was first launched in the spring of 2005 with the live broadcasting of the Orage Masters from Mammoth, CA but was stifled early on due to the high cost of production and the lack of suitable high speed internet infrastructure in resort towns. Since then though, leaps and bounds have been made in almost all areas of internet broadcasting and we're poised to take advantage.

Our partnership with Studio411 is going to allow Newschoolers to work with professional production crews that have worked on action sports coverage such as the Motocross element of the AST Dew Tour, and most recently the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (http://www.triplecrownofsurfing.com/). We're stoked to be able to provide professional level content for our members and bring the world of competitive freeskiing to a much broader audience, with streaming support for thousands of viewers simultaneously.

This year we're working with the premiere events in skiing to ensure that Newschoolers continues to be the go-to venue for all your freeskiing needs. However in the meantime you can visit the NSTV page to watch this years Freestyle.ch from Zurich, Switzerland in all of its glory. And don't worry about out-of-the-loop announcers that haven't ever strapped on a pair of skis. We're providing our own commentary and that's as Newschoolers as you can get.

Check back often, we'll have big announcements for the coming year in the weeks to come. Happy Holidays and Happy Viewing from the entire NS crew!

Visit the NSTV Page.