I know it has been a long while since my last good radio show.   Why?   I don't really know.. maybe it got too mainstream.  :)  (cough)BULLSHIT(cough)Anyways, portions of the show are pre-recorded, as Chris and I went to the Orage office last week, and interviewed Michelle Parker and JP Auclair.   Things went really well, and these are two interviews not to be missed!  In my opinion, this is some of the best content I've ever gotten, so definitely tune in and check it out! This is the start of my bi-weekly shows.   They will be every other Wednesday starting on the 23rd.  Anyone else is welcome to regularly scheduled shows, or submit pre-recorded ones covering any content you wish.   Hell you want your own timeslot, you can have it as long as you promise to do a show regularly!  If you're interested just get in contact with me, and we'll get it figured out. NSRadio is back!--Doug (Mr.Bishop)PS - The radio playlist is brand new right now, so tune in while you're browsing the site, and see what my opinion of good music is.  Just click the NSRadio button at the top right of the screen!