As mentioned in a couple of blog posts over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an update to the site that will tweak a few things, and totally revamp others. We’re aiming to have the update done on the 1st of July, but since that’s also Canada Day, we might be a day early or late. The site will most likely remain online for the entire weekend, but expect to see some sections go offline as we switch things over.The biggest change you’ll notice will be the new photo and video galleries, which are so much better than the current system that it’s not even remotely funny. We’re also redesigning the header, tweaking the news display so that we can handle more of the industry news that comes our way, and adding some new graphics to propel us out of the 80s. For a peek at the changes you can check out my blog posting here. As we get things going we’ll have a thread in Site Discussion for feedback, so please let us know what you think. Since I’m not so handy with all the technical ins and outs, NoPoles will be able to fill everyone in on nitty-gritty details: The new Picture & Video galleries were built from scratch, but were designed to work very much like the current galleries but with some modern features. Some of the new features include thumbnails when browsing categories, filtering & sorting capabilities, and better tools to allow members to edit & remove their own media. (That’s right! You can now modify your media’s Title, Category, Skier Name, etc…)We also came up with a totally new concept for the gallery called “Private galleries”. Members will be able to upload images to a gallery that cannot be browsed by other members. You can use this Private gallery to store images for use in forum threads, comment posts and cult descriptions, without cluttering the Public gallery. Members can browse their own Private gallery and even enable Private images to be shown in the Public gallery and vise versa! Another major enhancement to the gallery is the smarter Next & Previous buttons used to browse single images and videos. The gallery will now remember your filter, search & order settings so browsing individual images in search results & member profiles will be easier!All in all I’m super stoked on the changes. It’s been a lot of work but it’s well worth it. I can’t wait till this goes live. ;) Peace!