Remember this


Well, Olivia Akerley (oAkRy), the newschoolers member who you all voted for

in the American Eagle "Live your life" contest has returned after

her big trip!

As a showing of our strength, with the community of NS behind her we managed

to vote her into one of the six winning positions!


here to check out one of the official articles on it...

"...I just wanted to say thank you [Newschoolers] so much for your support and votes for

the "Live Your Life contest". I made it into the final round of 12 with the

help from your votes. I was flown to Penn. for interviews, and became one of

the six winners!!! I had a photo shoot and video interview. Check it out on . I just

got back from NYC for the Press release. It was AMAZING, over 700 people on

the list, and celebs everywhere! It was so much fun! Thanks again Newschoolers,

you guys and girls are great!!" --Olivia Akerley

It really brings a warm feeling to my heart to know that we can all bond together

and help out a fellow member. Cko claims he saw me shed a tear, but I still

say I had dust in my eye.

Check out a few pics Olivia sent us from the event.

Olivia on the big screen

I feel like this guy is someone I should know. But I don't.

A big crowd of people on stage. You can play "Where's Olivia?"

Olivia chillin' on a couch. I like your pants.

I wish she was wearing a shirt that said "I'm with dummy"

The final six.