What up!

In January we announced that we would be relaunching the Newschoolers Journalism Program. We put out the call for submissions from the community, and you guys (and girls) responded enthusiastically. We're super stoked on the work you put out, and we're closing in on the final decision for our journalists. Before we announce our choices, we want you to vote on your favourite entries.

Check out the entries below, read 'em over again and then vote! Best of luck to all the entrants.

**Please note that some entrants wrote more than one article. The ones displayed here are their most popular. Also, the poll is for us to get your input. Don't worry about voting for one over another, this isn't the final selection.**


1.The Hangover by Sklar


Hangovers come from the nights we can't remember and give us the days we can't forget. Separating drinking from skiing is a tough task; from shotgunning beers in the park to a little too much box wine on a hut trip, skiing and booze just go together.

2. How it Feels To be Back on Skis: After an Injury by Padme


How it feels to get back on skis the first time after an accident, or at least how it felt for me.

3. The Snobbyness of Skiing by skithedirt


Why are people so snobby when enjoying the sport they love?

4. Skiing: It's Just Snowboarding by nutz.


An Introspection and a Revelation

5. Park Prayers Been Answered by DungeonMaster


Gapers snakin' lines and raping lips. But are our cries for salvation being backed by mountain authority?

6. Minnesota Skiing: A Perspective by ERICA.MN


A perspective on growing up skiing in Minnesota

7. The Grand Tour of New England Skiing by NH_OPERATOR


Welcome to my Grand Tour of New England Skiing! The chronicles of my journey around New England, trying to ski every major mountain in a single season!

8. Peace by endlesspow


Whether you just lost a relative, failed a class, or didn't get the girl, when skiing, everything is just right.

9. Let Them Ski by BrennenM


Just my opinion on how younger and newer skiers in the park are treated.

10. Skiing in a Pros Pocketby Turkelton


Sander Hadley: What goes on in the creative head of Sander Hadley? He spills the Sweetgrass on Bamboo, "rider owned", jungles and inspirations off the mountain...

11. Tales of a "White Collar" Ski Enthusiast: The Journeys BieberHole69


The Journeys

12. Instructions by BU_g


The Ski Day: A manual for a solid ski day

13. Mind the Drop - Part 2 Stachelife


In an attempt to accommodate the comments and views expressed by those who read Mind The Drop Pt. 1, and since I unfortunately don’t know any pros to interview, this article will focus on my own thoughts before dropping into a line. Note – As a mediocre-at-best skier, this may not be as exhilarating as I once envisioned this series to be.

14. Men's Slopestyle Elimination X Games 2014 by Joshua.


Another amazing day here at X Games 2014. Read on to see photos from Men's Slopestyle Elimination and Henrik's new switch butter double.

15. Patrick Mulhern // A Skier Among Others at ORHS by SamColby


This is for the NS journalism contest. It was written for my school's newspaper, who's majority of readers are non skiers. All photos were taken by me.

16. African Winter by HWW


What's it like to ski in Lesotho? Here's my personal account

17. Glen Plake and the Black Divide by lara.kaylor


In a slow snow year, Glen Plake and Howie Schwartz re-live their journey to the Black Divide.

18. A Look Inside: Ski Durability by NinetyFour


Destroying skis in the name of science!

19. Virginia Skiers by TopherRitz


Most skiers in Virginia are uneducated, blissfully ignorant gapers who know nothing about freeskiing. And that's just the way they like it.