By Ethan Stone BARRIE, Ont. -- Demonstrating the principle that members are, in fact, superior to others in the ski community, Jodi Cooke snagged her second 1st-place title in Snow Valley Freeride Series last Thursday at Snow Valley, Ontario. The resort built a tabletop for the event, held, Jan. 31, and each rider was allowed three jumps. Cooke, who goes by "Jodi" on the site, threw down a japan air, a 180 and a 360 to claim the women's big air crown. She won the last Freeride Series event with a 180. Cooke also won the competition by default, as the only female ski entrant. "I asked to compete against the snowboarders, but they wouldn't let me," 22-year-old Cooke said. "I just wanted some competition." It was a good thing for the boarders that Cooke wasn't allowed in their division; the biggest trick thrown in the one-plank womens' field in the contest was a grab. "I feel confident that I could have placed against the boarders," Cooke said. The prize for the first-place finish was a Sprite toque (beanie, for those Americans out there) valued at around $3. The entry fee for the event was $10. "The prizes were terrible, but the fun of competing-- or in my situation, participating-- makes it all worthwhile," Cooke explained. In the men's division, Newschoolers Doug Bishop (MDFresh) and Darryl Hunt (mike_hunt10) competed; Bishop threw giant mute 540s, while Hunt tried his luck with switch 360s and lui kang 180s. Dissapointingly, the men's field went to a hucker, name unavailable, who was more interested in tossing his meat than with style, and who rarely landed his tricks. Cooke will compete in this week's installment of the Freeride Series at Snow Valley, and might enter the boardercross. She said she has convinced a few female riders to participate in the big air. Cooke also plans to enter the Orage Big Air at Blue Mountain on Feb. 16. member Jodi Cooke